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American Small Business Owners

Need Us

Small businesses of all sizes now face a new wave of challenges, and they need practical help.

As they attempt to reground and move forward, these essential contributors to our economy need the B2SMB Industry to work together to provide a comprehensive and aligned plan that gets them the support that they need.

Those Who Serve SMBs Need

Each Other

B2SMB Brands are overwhelmed by the needs of small business owners. Individually, none of us have the resources to make a big enough impact on the challenges that SMBs face.

However, together, we can create a national initiative that will benefit from collective leadership, resources, and market share. We can create something that will actually help small business owners grow.

Together, let's build a movement, support American small business owners, promote local spending, and take action through advocacy.


on a National Scale

SmallBizAid will bring together the most powerful voices and resources for small business owners.

Fortune 1000 brands, national advocacy agencies, and influencers who speak to millions of small businesses every day will come together to maximize reach, engagement, and impact on Main Street.

A Long-Term Effort With

3 Components


To Improve Skills…

Practical Small Business Instruction


To Create Opportunities…

Practical Small Business Assistance


To Change Minds…

Wide-Scale Small Business Advocacy


The entire program design is based on Silver Lining’s “Small Business First” value – which is that everything we create has to be valuable for small businesses. We design for them and no one else. Partners and suppliers’ core mission and primary objective is to help small businesses.


Leveraging the power of the B2SMBI Network – we are not going just to educate and train small business owners – but every small business owner who attends a SmallBizAid event will get the chance to win real, helpful deep assistance.


Together, let’s create social change by using our collective influence to change the attitudes, social relationships, and power relations that currently exist. Small businesses need our support now more than ever.

Become a


Whether you provide promotional support, key infrastructure help, cash contribution, or other, we invite all B2SMB brands to engage in a SmallBizAid partnership.

Join Us

If you are ready to join us and make a difference in small businesses’ lives by becoming a partner, get in touch!

Missy Galang | CMO

Rabiah Duncan | VP, Partnerships