Supporting America’s Small Business Owners

Our joint mission is to help the creators, the risk takers, the problem solvers, the small business owners just like you restore and grow your business and build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs across the country. Through our network of Small Business Advocates, Influencers and large Business-to-Small-Business brands, we provide support, technology and actionable education to inspire and empower small business owners to transition to new business solutions and practices.

Building a Movement

By connecting ALL of the stakeholders in America’s Small Business, SmallBizAid will continuously promote the vital connection between consumers, large B2SMB brands, advocates, Influencers and government at all levels. We are actively building partnerships with non-profit agencies while leveraging existing national-to-local Small Business networks. We will give powerful voice to the movement to keep Small Business healthy and growing, from across the country and down the street.

Promoting Local Spending

Changes in consumer behavior in 2020 – especially the tremendous shift in spending to large, online retailers – has devastated small business owners and local economies. Getting consumers back into local independent enterprises in 100s of categories is key to the “virtuous cycle” of local spending into local economic health & opportunity. Alignable’s “OneMainStreet” campaign and more like it will be advanced through all of our events and activities.

Taking Action Through Advocacy

Advocates for Small Business, working at federal, state, and local levels, provide a platform for directing the good intentions of all Small Business stakeholders into practical, impactful, and long-term contribution. Whether it’s extending and expanding direct assistance to small business owners, delivering a more equitable recovery or simply educating policy-makers on what matters to Small Business, SmallBizAid has your back and will work on your behalf.

Celebrating America’s Small Business

SmallBizAid works to shine a spotlight on our small, independent businesses, our biggest contributors to employment, to economic growth and to community health. From our events to our online hub to our community of stakeholders, we will highlight the voice of small business owners, uniting our respect, support and and love for our local small business owners.

The State of America’s Small Businesses

Small Businesses of all sizes that survived 2020 now face extraordinary challenges in 2021.

  • As of March, 44% of Small Businesses describe themselves as “at risk of closure.”

  • 78% of small business owners continue to struggle with the resources and tools required to improve their chances of survival.
  • Minority-owned and other under-served small business owners are especially hard hit with disproportionate shortfalls in access to capital, to resources & to targeted help.
  • Federal, state and local government aid continues to be uneven in scope, in reach and in execution.

  • US e-commerce sales grew 44% in 2020 as consumers shifted to buying online and often away from local Small Businesses.

As they attempt to recover, these essential contributors to our economy continue to need the combined help of consumers, of communities, of Government at all levels and of the large Enterprises that serve them.


Whether you provide cost-offsets or dollar donations, SmallBizAid will apply all cash contributions via its own not-for-profit status and partners who directly serve Small Business.

Whether you provide promotion support, media, SMB customer mailings or key infrastructure help, we invite all B2SMB brands to actively engage in SmallBizAidpartnership.

Whether you provide specific solutions, subject-matter expertise, or existing training and upskilling content, we welcome B2SMB brands to “help first” our SmallBizAid audience.

Join 1000s of Small Businesses Owners Across the Country and Down the Street