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Featured Experts on Day 1 of Our Event

Steve Strauss
USA Today

Melinda Emerson

Pam Slim
Ganas Consulting LLC

John Lawson
ColderIce Media

Dan Slagen

Terry Rice
Entrepreneur Magazine

Carissa Reiniger
Small Biz Silver Lining

Reid Jackson

Dan Olson

Katie Davis
Verizon Business

Xiomara Peña
Small Business Majority

Gib Olander

Workshop Sessions

The SLAP Your Business Needs

Now Available On-Demand

Small Businesses in the millions are attempting to repair, recover, and renew, but like any major undertaking, it helps to have a playbook. Small Business Silver Lining Founder Carissa Reiniger has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world use her unique behavioral program, called SLAP, to run a better business. She’ll apply her model to your challenges.

Topics covered:

  • How the science of behavioral psychology can help you succeed now and forever
  • How to more effectively plan your business recovery and growth
  • How to reclaim your time and money and start focusing on doing what you love

Your Expert Host:
Carissa Reiniger, Founder,
Small Business Silver Lining

Do the Opposite!

Now Available On-Demand

Is George Castanza a role model? Nationally recognized Small Business Expert and USA Today columnist Steve Strauss believes real recovery and long-term success lies in doing the opposite of what conventional wisdom says you should do. Steve takes on what’s holding you back, and how to break out and breakaway.

Topics covered:

  • Abandoning the myths of success in Small Business
  • How to do little things that make a big difference
  • How to disrupt the well-worn pathways of your business to drive growth

Your Expert Host:
Steve Strauss, National Small Business Columnist,
USA Today

Craft Your Perfect Offering

Now Available On-Demand

Using methods detailed in her latest book, The Widest Net, celebrated Small Business Expert Pamela Slim addresses perhaps the biggest challenge to your business: creating offerings that are both highly saleable and highly useful to your customers. When you get this part of your business model locked in, growth and scaling is so much easier.

Topics covered:

  • Step-by-step method to craft the perfect offer for your business
  • Making product or service offer development repeatable
  • Expanding your offer into new, growing markets

Your Expert Host:
Pamela Slim, Veteran Small Business Coach
& Author of “The Widest Net”

Over the Weather

Now Available On-Demand

Does your latest local forecast put your business “under the weather?” Learn how’s dynamic new platform transforms how you manage the impact rain, snow, heat and more make on your business operations. There’s a playbook for that! Dan Slagen walks you through the hundreds of real-world scenarios and solutions virtually any kind of business can tap in to instantly.

Topics covered:

  • How you can change the weather – or at least its impact
  • Weather-response management for the time-starved
  • Forecasting weather-driven business opportunities

Your Expert Host:
Dan Slagen, Chief Marketing Officer,


Tech Whispering 101

Now Available On-Demand

It’s time to accept this simple truth: you must be your own Tech Expert. Entrepreneur Magazine Expert-in Residence Terry Rice is joined by Small Business tech experts from Verizon to inform, instruct and inspire you to take full advantage of new solutions. If you’ve ever hesitated on tech decisions for your Small Business, now’s the time to make your upgrade like a boss! More info here.

Topics covered:

  • How to make tech lingo your second language
  • How to find and evaluate your best tech solutions
  • How to manage your business’ use of tech

Your Expert Host:
Terry Rice, Business Development
Expert-in-Residence, Entrepreneur Magazine

Expert Guests:
Katie Davis, Social Innovation Strategist, Verizon

It’s Your Pivot. Own It!

Now Available On-Demand

With a following of more than 3 Million Entrepreneurs, Melinda Emerson has the Playbook on pivoting your business. Grounded in her Best-Seller, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, Melinda talks through the patient yet focused journey that puts you in the driver’s seat of change. Treating pivots like start-ups, Melinda lays out every step to success, from business concept to market launch to high-energy growth.

Topics covered:

  • How to renew your Entrepreneur’s mindset
  • How to frame your pivot like a start-up – and why it matters
  • The essential questions (and answers) of your pivot

Your Expert Host:
Melinda Emerson, The Small Biz Lady,
3 Million+ Followers

The QR Gateway

Now Available On-Demand

Widely followed Tech-Expert for Small Business, John Lawson, provides an introduction to the most important technology you might not be using – yet! Joined by Reid Jackson, Vice President of Business Development at GS1 US, the not-for-profit organization responsible for managing UPC barcodes and global identifiers, John talks about how this powerful little square-inch portal can help you deliver more information to your customers.

Topics covered:

  • The many applications of UPC & QR codes in your business
  • What UPC & QR codes can tell you – a lot!
  • The steps to get, use & track UPC & QR Codes

Your Expert Host:
John Lawson, Best Selling Author & e-Bay Platinum Powerseller

Expert Guest:
Reid Jackson,
Vice President of Business Development,

Filling the People Gap

Now Available On-Demand

The shortage of workers – the do-ers of business – has made national headlines. The team from Small Business advocacy org, Small Business Majority talk the current state of play in the hiring game. From innovative methods of recruiting to leveraging remote job-seekers, you’ll learn how to fill the gap(s) in your people plans!

Topics covered:

  • The latest stats on our national talent shortage
  • Breaking through hiring barriers
  • Long-term solutions to talent challenges

Your Expert Host:
Xiomara Pena, VP of Engagement,
Small Business Majority

Sorting Out Your Too Much Pile

Now Available On-Demand

Choice is a beautiful thing, until it becomes your single biggest barrier to decision-making. Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity, talks how to sort the thousands of resources and sellers at your fingertips. If you’ve ever struggle to “close your own deal” on an important buying decision, this session is for you!

Topics covered:

  • How to narrow your research to focus your choices
  • How to organize your needs into a powerful checklist
  • How to build your confidence in buying the right thing

Your Expert Host:
Dan Olson, CEO,

Your Expert Guest:
Gib Olander, EVP Product,

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