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3 Tracks, 12 Sessions, Infinite Help – Check Out Our Agenda Below

Your New Digital Customer

Track 1 (four live virtual workshops in all!)

What you need to know about new consumer behaviors, buyer expectations & customer-experience hot buttons that will help your small business recover and grow faster.

Your (Gentle) Intro to Digital

Track 2 (four live virtual workshops in all!)

A series of step-by-step primers on e-commerce, websites, online video and social media that will help you better meet and exceed your new digital customers’ expectations.

Your Digital Upgrades

Track 3 (four live virtual workshops in all!)

You’ve done the basics, now tap into more advanced playbooks on getting the most from e-commerce, your website and your new digital customer.


Know Thy New 2021 Customer
Track 1 – Kickoff Workshop
11a EDT/8a PDT

Get the facts & insights into how Consumers changed in 2020 & how it impacts your Small Business in 2021 & beyond.

Topics Covered:

  • Facts & figures on the online shopping stampede
  • What Consumers expect from your e-Commerce
  • Where and how Consumer behavior has changed forever


Rieva Lesonsky, GrowBiz Media
Melinda Emerson, SmallBizLady
Shelly Kramer, V3Broadsuite


Eric Groves, Alignable

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Perfecting Customer Service


E-Commerce 101 – A Checklist
Track 2 – Kickoff Workshop

Get the basics on opening your business to online shopping, delivered in a simple checklist of considerations & to-dos.

Topics Covered:

  • Meeting Customers’ new list of “Amazon expectations”
  • “What I wish I knew about e-commerce before I jumped in”
  • Evaluating DIY shipping vs shipping partners


John Lawson, Business Coach

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Online Stores

How to Compete with Amazon
Track 3 – Kickoff Workshop

There’s no doubt Amazon has changed how your customers buy just about everything, but you can still win against Goliath. Learn how!

Topics Covered:

  • Exceeding the Amazon Customer experience
  • How to differentiate your offering in an Amazon world
  • How to delight your customers with what Amazon can’t do


Alex Rossman, Rossman Media
Steve Chou, My Wife Quit Her Job
Earnest Epps, Earnest Associates
Shep Hyken, Shepard Presentations

Join the Conversation in these Alignable Groups:
Small Business Website Support
Online Stores

Meeting Online Demands
Track 1 – Workshop #2

Consumers now have big demands of your web and e-commerce sites. Know what’s new, what’s essential, and what never changes.

Topics Covered:

  • How to meet customers’ #1 online experience demand: usability
  • How to interact with customers everywhere you’re online
  • Why and how your website should answer every customer question


Stoney deGeyter, Socket Mobile
Matt Mansfield, Matt About Business
Earnest Epps, Earnest Associates

Join the Conversation in these Alignable Groups:
Online Stores
Ask SMB Owners Anything

Getting Your First Website Right
Track 2 – Workshop #2

Fear not – with the right checklist in hand you can make your first website a long-term winner. Here’s your handy cheat guide.

Topics Covered:

  • The Top 10 “My First Website” checklist
  • Getting your “User Experience” right, and how to keep making it better
  • Website Pages that are legal “must-haves”


Stoney deGeyter, SocketMobile
Kerch McConlogue, We Fix Broken Websites

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Small Business Website Support

Getting Found More Often
Track 3 – Workshop #2

The number of ways Consumers can now find you and find out about you are legion – are you in all the places you need to be?

Topics covered:

  • Maximizing Google My Business .
  • How your website can improve SEO .
  • Leveraging social media to get discovered


Brian Giffiths, BStrong Marketing
Bill Slawski, Go Fish Digital
Ben Fisher, Steady Demand
Mike Blumenthal, Near Media

Join the Conversation in these Alignable Groups:
Marketing for the Small Business
SEO for Small Business

Your Customers Have Thoughts
Track 1 – Workshop #3

Customer reviews in the many-millions now extend to virtually every business. Learn how reviews are changing the way you do business.

Topics covered:

  • Making reviews your best sales tool .
  • The good and bad of social media reviews
  • The review-to-click-to-call connection .


Ben Fisher, Steady Demand
Mike Blumenthal, Near Media
Dennis Yu, BlitzMetrics

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Perfecting Customer Service

Your Website Sucks- Now What?
Track 2 – Workshop #3

Maybe you’ve taken your website through a couple of rehabs, but is it everything it should be? Here’s how to upgrade once and for all!

Topics covered:

  • Can this website be saved? Evaluating your fixer-upper
  • Maximizing the sales impact of your website
  • What your 2021 digital storefront must have


Kerch McConlogue, We Fix Broken Websites
Darren Shaw, Whitespark
John Lawson, Business Coach

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Small Business Website Support

Making Your Digital Whole
Track 3 – Workshop #3

You’ve got all the right digital pieces in place, but are they a good mix, or a bad mishmash? Master integration for best results.

Topics Covered:

  • Maximizing linkages between web, e-commerce and social
  • Fitting form to function across all your online touchpoints
  • Handling customer service across channels


Holly K. Pilcavage, Coal Creative
Ivana Taylor, DIY Marketers
Lior Krolewicz, Yael Consulting

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Small Business Website Support

Turning Fans Into Communities
Track 1 – Workshop #4

How are some Small Businesses so successful at building their social networks & Customer communities? Here are their tips, tricks & tools.

Topics covered:

  • Why Communities are more powerful than Fans
  • Connecting Customers via common needs
  • Leveraging social media to link your network from within


Josh Popichak, Saucon Source
Howard Wolpoff, Profit Master Business Solutions


Eric Groves, Alignable

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Perfecting Customer Service

The E-Commerce Back-End
Track 2 – Workshop #4

You’re not just selling online, you’re shipping, accounting & meeting high-expectations 24-7. Here’s your guide to fulfilling expectations. .

Topics covered:

  • Managing purchase fulfillment expectations
  • Shipping solutions that work ff
  • Managing inventory across multiple platforms


Alexa Allamano, Foamy Wader

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Ask SMB Owners Anything

Perfecting What You Talk About
Track 3 – Workshop #4

The experts call it your “Content Strategy” – we’ll simplify it to what you say, when you say it and how in this advanced workshop.

Topics covered:

  • How content can drive traffic & sales
  • How video can be your content’s superstar
  • What content works best on social media.


Ann Smarty, Internet Marketing Ninjas
Dennis Yu, BlitzMetrics
Monique Johnson, Live Video Lab

Join the Conversation in this Alignable Group:
Online Stores

Featured Speakers at SmallBizAid Inaugural Event

Rieva Lesonsky
GrowBiz Media

Melinda Emerson

Shelly Kramer

Eric Groves

John Lawson
Business Coach

Alex Rossman
Rossman Media

Steve Chou
My Wife Quit Her Job

Earnest Epps
Earnest Associates

Shep Hyken
Shepard Presentations

Stoney deGuyter
Socket Mobile

Matt Mansfield
Matt About Business

Kerch McConlogue
We Fix Broken Websites

Brian Giffiths
BStrong Marketing

Bill Slawki
Go Fish Digital

Ben Fisher
Steady Demand

Mike Blumenthal
Near Media

Dennis Yu
Blitz Metrics

Darren Shaw

Holly Pilcavage
Coal Creative

Ivana Taylor
DIY Marketers

Lior Krolewicz
Yael Consulting

Josh Popichak
Saucon Source

Howard Wolpoff
Saucon Source

Alexa Allamano
Foamy Wader

Ann Smarty
Internet Marketing Ninjas

Monique Johnson
Live Video Lab

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